Edition #01

Modern in approach, the debut collection entitled “Edition #01” draws on icons by bridging the gap between formal and casual as well as feminine and masculine. This is all done while managing to keep with the brand’s responsible and sustainable ethics in order to blend in multiple narratives in an array of unexpected styles.
Crisp details travel throughout the collection in monochromatic pathways with a little touch of color, while waterfall fringing on cuts and layered tops bring volume and movement. Fragile fabrics showing glimpses of skin in structured flares are essential.
Bringing a new creative energy to timeless classics, this debut collection is simple, modern and responsible. We wanted to evoke the laid-back feeling of simple pleasures. A celebration of love, friendship and life in general. Each item is injected with a sense of lightness and tiny intricate details which are so subtle it almost feels like air.
A brand-new energy; a brand-new mood – this season we bring you a celebration of effortless individuality at its best.