Talks Beauty Ep. 24: Kumpas Tuntas Beauty Trends 2020 & 2021 Mendatang


Makna Talks Beauty presented by Kaie Beauty is a weekly conversation on beauty beyond skin deep, from simple decisions on the makeup look for your Sunday brunch to life hacks and updates on whatever it takes to be a self-defined beauty these days. Hosted by Shahnaz and Sailormoney. 

As usual, every year means new beauty trends are coming. In 2020, we will likely see many people actually taking care of themselves and appreciating their beauty routine even more. Like actually improving their skincare game routine! In addition, everyone prefers to have natural and healthy-looking skin because it is now less possible to show the appearance of makeup due to using a mask every day to prevent corona. So, are you ready to find out what will be the next beauty trends in 2021 ?